Industrial Grade Powerline Solutions

FDN’s Powerline technology is revolutionising business operations across the globe

Power Line Communications (PLC) enables the rapid and cost effective deployment of street lighting control and broadband applications such as CCTV, Wi-Fi and internet access for heritage sites, multi dwelling units and the maritime industry.

FDN specialise in the design and implementation of solutions based on our suite of INDUSTRIAL GRADE powerline products.

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A flexible, scalable data network without the need to run new cables.
Digital networks for vessels, marinas and ports
Utility communication over the powerline network.

Who can benefit from PLC?

As the requirement to deliver more and more connectivity increases at pace across the globe, so does the use of Power Line Communication (PLC) technology as a medium to deliver it.
The flexible, secure and cost effective nature of PLC is seeing it become the preferred method for governments and businesses around the world.

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