Power Line Communication - The Art of the Possible

In a time of austerity cuts and where there is no statutory obligation for councils to light the streets, turning Street Lights down or off can be seen as  a viable option to address both cost saving and carbon emissions reduction.

Lights along some main roads will be dimmed, whilst in other regions up to a half of lights in residential areas will be turned off between midnight and 05:30. In some cases lights in rural areas will be turned off completely. 

But what is the best way to manage that? How can Councils ensure that where required those light can be turned back on easily and quickly, and illumination levels can be controlled effectively?

Freedom Digital Networks (FDN) provides a viable alternative to the big switch off by using technology to manage the power networks more efficiently. We add intelligence to the existing electrical infrastructure with digital monitoring and control equipment.


By “digitising” the electricity grid, Councils, Utilities and their Agents can “manage” Street Lighting so it can be turned up and down, rather than on and off. An analogy could be drawn with the dimmer switch that you may have in your home, only in this case we add the intelligence and control to do it remotely, so it is a “smarter” switch.


The technology, known as Power Line Communications (PLC) creates a digital data network over the existing electric cables, constantly sending and receiving information so Councils and Utilities can Connect, Communicate, Monitor and Control everything , from Street Lighting to providing a communication path to Car Chargers for Electric vehicles.


Using  FDN’s Power Line Communications, it is possible to control a wide range of electrical assets, all at the same time and cost effectively.

Lighting does not have to be turned off from dusk to dawn. It can dimmed and turned back up instantly as local circumstances dictate.

That same infrastructure can be used to provide new services and revenue streams such as providing a communication path to road side charging units for electric vehicles.

Freedom Digital Networks, Power Line Communications networks provide you with, The Art Of the Possible


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