Street Lighting Control - A Better Way !
Power Line Communication - The Art of the Possible
In a time of austerity cuts and where there is no statutory obligation for councils to light the streets, turning Street Lights down or off can be seen as  a viable option to address both cost saving and carbon emissions reduction. Lights along some main roads will be dimmed, whilst in other regions up to a half of lights in residential areas will be turned off between midnight and 05:30. In some cases lights in rural areas will be turned off completely.  But what is the best way to manage that? How can Councils ensure that where required those light can be turned back on easily and quickly, and illumination levels can be controlled effectively? Freedom Digital Networks (FDN) provides a viable alternative to the big switch off by using technology to manage the po...
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FDNs Global Expansion
As the requirement to deliver more and more connectivity increases at pace all across the globe, so does the interest in the use of Power Line Communication (PLC) technology as a medium to deliver it. After extensive interest from across Europe, Asia and the Middle East in recent months, FDN have now opened a number of offices across Europe, with more to follow before the end of 2011. These are exciting times for FDN, October will see us move into our new UK headquarters, followed by additional stategic offices in Ireland, Spain and Bulgaria. With offices in Scotland, Dubai, India and Holland also on the horizon, we will be able to deal far more effectively with the increasing demand for the technology on a more regional level. Watch this space............  &nbs...
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FDN Marine - The Latest Development
FDN Marine Brand and Website Launched
With the maritime industry becoming a major market sector for FDN we have created 'FDN Marine' a seperate subsidiary to FDN that will give this sector its own individual focus; we are currently in the midst of developing a new marine specific website. This will have a lot more specific information on the huge benefits we can offer the Maritime Industry with our industrial powerline communication technology, it will also include case studies of our current successes. VISIT US AT ...
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FDN Marine - The new addition to the FDN group
Following significant installations for some of the worlds largest maritime businesses across Europe and the USA, Freedom Digital Networks have added FDN Marine to their group of companies. A maritime business focused on developing and delivering our unique products and services into this challenging market. Solutions designed to operate in the harshest environments and be easily installed on vessels and platforms without the need to perform any works. CCTV, Anti-piracy solutions, citadels, IPTV, crew welfare, vSat distribution, condition based maintenance, people counting/tracking, access control, internal LANs, security systems and Wi-Fi. A new website will be launched in the coming weeks but in the meantime you can contact our maritime experts below to see how FDN Mar...
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