No mess. No cables. No downtime. No Planning concerns!

Freedom Digital Networks (FDN) specialises in designing and deploying high speed data networks that run over the existing electrical wiring of a building or campus. This is known as Power Line Communication (PLC).

We understand that in this day and age, there are a number of major challenges surrounding historic and listed buildings. There is a need to provide up to date services for both visitors and staff alike. Improving safety, security and asset protection, while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint are also key development goals.

Unfortunately, running new cable may be restricted due to building regulations, or too expensive due to the infrastructure of the site. Other challenges can be where Wi-Fi provides little coverage due to thick walls and beamed ceilings that are evident in most heritage properties. The majority of sites are finding it impossible to keep up with changing times.

FDN can help. We have the perfect way to network any listed building by simply injecting a digital signal into the electrical wiring the building already has - we bypass the need for new cabling and phone sockets.

Most importantly, we bypass the need for any major work to walls or flooring and so removing planning consent delays from your project. Our network has been designed to overcome the typical problems encountered on a listed site.

Broadband, CCTV, VoIP telephony, IPTV, data access, interactive touch screen displays, room management and control, footfall monitoring, PA systems, connectivity for mobile phone apps and many other services can all be provided at the same time over one network using our unique technology.

Because we inject the digital signal onto the electrical infrastructure of the campus, full coverage Wi-Fi can then be supplied throughout the whole building by simply plugging wireless access points into any 3 pin electrical socket flooding that area with a wireless signal. The system is totally flexible, plug and play as desired.

Reduce costs and your carbon footprint, increase footfall and interaction with your visitors while also improving safety, security and asset protection.

No mess. No cables. No planning concerns. Just a solution to an age old problem.

The ideal solution for museums, listed buildings, schools, libraries, heritage sites, churches, historic buildings, multi dwelling units, hotels, town halls, community centres

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