Commercial & Retail A flexible, scalable monitoring network

Freedom Digital Networks Power Line Communication (PLC) solution provides a flexible, scalable data network without the need to run new cables.
We reduce or remove the impact on daily operational activities and keep costs to a minimum by using the existing electrical infrastructure and cabling to digitally 'flood' the building or Campus using PLC to distribute a digital signal everywhere.
This allows our customers to benefit by providing flexible solutions and deploying new applications as and when and where they are needed, without the need for new cable provision.
Our platform can support all of the operational applications needed within the commercial environment ranging from a primary or secondary Local Area Network (LAN or data network) through to applications such as CCTV or asset protection.
"New services can be accessed simply by plugging our PLC unit into a power socket and turning that socket into a data port."


Freedom Digital Networks (FDN) have vast experience in delivering connectivity for historic and listed buildings. We can deliver full coverage for your building or campus without the need to run any cable or apply for planning permission, while ensuring there is no mess or downtime for your site.
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You can...
Provide full coverage Wi-Fi for your property or campus...
Reduce costs and your carbon footprint...
Increase footfall and visitor interaction...
Monitor and control heat and lighting from a central location...
Improve security, health & safety and asset protection...
Your Visitors can...
Have access to interactive information and data points...
Use wireless internet services in every room...
Download and use smartphone apps without incuring mobile charges...
Explore real-time information which can be easily updated in seconds through a central computer...
Enjoy a far richer experience through the capabilities our technology can offer... 

Multi Dwelling Units

Imagine the flexibility of being able to deploy CCTV and Remote Room Management and control by simply plugging into a 3 pin socket, or introducing new services to your customers such as Video on Demand, Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony and Broadband anywhere on your premises. 

Whether you are a small hotel or a large resort complex, FDN's Power Line Communication solution can be installed with minimum disruption to your customers and maximum flexibility to meet your business needs.
• Rapidly deployable network.
• Reduced cost and time of installation.
• Non intrusive installation on residents.
• Low risk of theft as connected to power supply.
• Auto configuration of customer connection points allowing cost effective expansion and low cost of entry.
Network Speed and Security
• Fast reliable connectivity – up to 200 Megabits per second (Mbps) connectivity.
• Resilient to interference providing consistent quality of signal in all areas.
• Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) support offering multiple networks on a single infrastructure.
• Quality of Service facilities allowing “multi-service networks” supporting triple play (Voice, Data & Image)
• Remote network monitoring to avoid site visits and minimise downtime
A PLC network can support Applications such as
• Facilities and Building Management
• Security systems.
• Domotics (Home Automation)
• Carbon reporting and reduction solutions.
• Triple play for voice, data and image.
• Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).


All Healthcare establishments can now benefit from digital networking - regardless of the size or age of its construction.
Freedom Digital Network's PLC technology can provide access to solutions such as:
  • Patient internet access
  • Patient information systems
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony
  • Wi-Fi and webcam access for patients and staff
FDN can also enable the implementation of environmental monitoring solutions to deliver cost savings within a building.
We enable all that with the minimum disruption to the building, no new cabling, no disruption to Wards and patient rooms, thereby reducing the risk of dirt and ward down time.


A Freedom Digital Network can give your school the opportunity to have a secondary administration network, enabling students, teachers and even parents to access a host of digital services from anywhere on the school's premises or even off-campus.
FDN's PLC network enables access to:
  • learning forums
  • digitisation of classrooms without the need for cabling 
  • school digital content
  • school work folders
  • information on curriculum, healthcare, nutrition and other school topics.

Click here to view our video of our installation at Woodhouse Grove School.


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