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In today's society with sustainable cost cutting at the forefront of everyone's mind, we are seeing more and more decisions to implement a policy of dimming and switching off street lights for cost reduction in many areas across England and Wales. Where there is no statutory obligation for councils to light the streets; this option seems to be most the favourable way to easily reduce costs.
But what is the best way for councils to manage this solution? How can they ensure illumination levels can be effectively controlled? We have the answer..
Freedom Digital Networks specialise in the design and implementation of solutions based on our family of industrial grade PLC (power line communication) products.
Our reliable and efficient street lighting control allows for the dimming and switching of LED lights and also traditional lights (with intelligent ballast). Switching from today's 'dumb' streetlights to LED's has huge advantages: massively reducing energy consumption which results in savings of up to 50%, further savings can then be made with additional features such as dimming capabilities which can then improve these savings by as much as 80%.
By digitising the electricity grid using PLC, councils, utilites and their agents can then easily 'manage' streelighting so they can be turned up and down, or on and off, as deemed appropriate. Lights, along main roads, may be dimmed; in residential areas they may be turned off between a set timescale and in rural areas they may be turned off completely. This enables the service provider to react to peak or low usage periods in multiple areas and control individual networks. In addition, this same PLC network can also support broadband applications at the streetlghting column, such as Wi-Fi or CCTV.
How It Works
Our solution comprises of a series of FDN Headend (HE) and FDN Node (ND) units. Each node (one placed in every street light) has a unique IP address that can be accessed independently at any time.
Each Head End unit communicates directly with up to 300 nodes (street lights) with distances achieved of up to 900 feet between each node. The Digital PLC signal provides a high data transmission rate of up to 200MB providing a robust communication link to servers on the internet.
All units can be mounted into the street lighting columns, street light heads and road side cabinets as required. Wi-Fi and CCTV equipment can then be mounted externally if desired.
The backhaul of data from the Head End units can communicate directly using a myriad of different mediums such as Wi-Fi, PLC, GPRS, 3G, etc. to link with the control centre (main server), where the management software allows the user to supervise, configure and control the entire system.


Wi-Fi at the Briar Court Hotel

FDN provided the Briar Court Hotel in Huddersfield with full internet access to all hotel rooms, public areas and conference suites.

FDN's network was installed within less than a day with no disruption to the guests or the normal running of the hotel.

"They did exactly what they said they were going to do." - Norman Simpson, Group General Manager.

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