Utility Communication over the powerline network

There are a myriad of definitions in the market as to what constitutes a Smartgrid, from Automated Metering Intelligence/Infrastructure (AMI) and Transmission & Distribution intelligence through to the inclusion of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) or Distributed Power Control to Demand Side Management.
SmartGridsEvery utility and component or solution provider has its own view and that view and definition is influenced by factors ranging from commercial or legislative drivers, through to portfolio expertise and product or application positioning.
The Smartgrid relies on gathering data collected from large numbers of intelligent sensors and processors installed on the power lines and equipment from around the power grid (e.g. switches circuit breakers, transformers, bus bars, etc.).
Freedom Digital Networks offers the ability to communicate with the various elements using Power Line Communications – using the electrical network as the highway to enable that Smart Grid
As a member of the Universal Powerline Association (UPA) Freedom Digital Networks are the author of the Smart Grid Market Requirement Document (MRD) for the UPA and also chair the Smart Grid working group on behalf of that organisation.

Download MRD here

A Smartgrid for Network Management

Operational and legislative drivers require an increased focus on areas such as Power Management, Quality Control and Carbon Footprint reduction. The FDN platform enables organisations to achieve 2-way digital communication over their existing power infrastructure, supporting capabilities such as Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) deployment, Automatic Meter Reading and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMR /AMI) and asset protection.
Creating a PLC digital backbone to enable Smart Grid communication between devices can be done at a single point in the sub station or as part of a purpose designed external unit. Connection methods can inductive or capacitive and PLC signals can be applied to a wide range of cables carrying voltages from 11,000V or 440V, to 240V or 150V.
With current injection speeds of up to 200Mbps applications can include Site Monitoring, Carbon Footprint management & reporting, Power Quality Management, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Condition Monitoring and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).

A Smart Grid for Revenue Generation

“The Smart Grid highway can be shared to provide a wide area “Access” network, enabling a broad range of external and commercial applications to be delivered”

Commercial opportunities are enabled as a result of deploying Smart Grid capabilities, equipping the Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) with the ability to generate new revenues and retain customer loyalty through the delivery of new services such as Broadband over the Power Lines (BPL) or Security and Home Management to encompass Carbon Footprint and Power Consumption support.
By extending the Smart Grid to encompass residential and commercial properties and through integrated PLC in the home at the consumer unit, high speed triple play networks can be created enabling home networks and environmental management applications to be provided.

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