High speed digital networks for the maritime sector

Freedom Digital Networks (FDN) specialises in designing and deploying high speed data networks that can run over existing electrical wiring known as Power Line Communication (PLC). Use of this technology allows the creation of high speed digital networks for use onboard ships and offshore platforms, and can also be applied ashore for in-building networks and wider marina or dockside networks.
Our INDUSTRIAL GRADE technology can substantially address the range of technical challenges associated with wireless and bespoke cable installations onboard a vessel.  PLC enables companies to provide new data services and introduce new IT capabilities on existing tonnage without the need to lay new or additional cables.
By using FDNs PLC technology the ship’s existing electrical circuit can be transformed into a digital network that can deliver data, voice, image and sound files anywhere throughout the ship. The usual heavy cost of providing such a network is therefore minimised. This technology can be easily implemented not just on new, but on existing tonnage with minimum “down time” and without disturbance to the existing onboard structures requiring watertight / fireproof integrity.
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Marine Deployment
PLC can be applied by FDN onboard a vessel or offshore platform where the provision of such a digital network could distribute a Broadband signal to cabins, offices or CCTV footage for Anti-piracy, ship security and health and safety. New services can be accessed simply by plugging our PLC unit into a power socket and turning that socket into a data port.
Such a network could also support condition based maintenance programmes by being able to communicate constantly with monitoring equipment and using the existing electrical networks to overcome the challenges associated with cabling to these remote areas.
Onshore installations can use the same technology in support of providing data backbones at Marinas to provide CCTV for security or deploy Wireless Access Points for broadband to vessels in dock. In the same way Power Line Communication can be used by Dock, Harbour and Port authorities to seamlessly deploy digital monitoring and tracking equipment in support of security and safety requirements.
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